Elephanta Caves #1 - Shiva

One of the many relief carvings of Shiva at the Elephanta caves, 10km off the coast of Mumbai, India. The Elephanta caves are "of unknown date and attribution". Art historians have dated the caves in the range of late 5th to late 8th century AD.[7] Archaeological excavations have unearthed a few Kshatrapa coins dated to 4th century AD. The known history is traced only to the defeat of Mauryan rulers of Konkan by the Badami Chalukyan emperor Pulakesi II (609–642) in a naval battle, in 635 AD. Elephanta was then called Puri or Purika, and served as the capital of the Konkan Mauryas. More info at the Unesco website.


Camera : Canon EOS 7D
Length : 31 mm
Aperture : f 5
Shutter : 1/15 sec
ISO : 3200